Peyronie's disease – what it is like and it can be cured?

Modern science, like ancient, it is not always possible to determine with precision the causes of certain disorders. Peyronie's disease – the rest is for her a mystery. It shows visible curvature of the penis and its associated complications in men.

But what is the nature of the emerging axis of fibrous tissue, until the installation has failed. Expect high efficacy of the therapy in the absence of data on the causes of the pathology is not necessary, although in the majority of cases the treatment that gives a satisfactory result.

Peyronie's disease – what is it?

The essence of the disease, which receives the name of the doctor that it was he who gave a systematic description of the symptoms of the peyronie's disease, reduction of proliferation of the connective tissue fibers within the tunica of the penis.

They cause interference with filling of blood in the corpora cavernosa during erection in the man, and give the penis an irregular shape. The defect is clearly visible only in erect state.

Peyronie's Disease


Currently, the real causes of the disease are not found. In the first place, the medicine tends to its hormonal nature, but sometimes the reason becomes autoimmune reaction.

Among the main factors:

  • microtrauma obtained by rough sexual intercourse, excessive friction due to lack of lubrication, use of non-authorized accessories of friction;
  • fracture penis – a rare phenomenon that affects men who have sex intensively, or with erection incomplete;
  • autoimmune process attack protection bodies in protein tissue;
  • angiopathy of various origins, including atherosclerosis and deep vein thrombosis;
  • metabolic diseases – gout, diabetes;
  • a deficiency of vitamins A and E, as responsible for the correct formation of connective tissue surface;
  • traumatic intervention on the body of the story – a treatment of injections, surgical intervention, introduction into the urethra foreign objects, including a catheter;
  • other congenital or acquired abnormalities of the connective tissue – scleroderma, myopathies, capsular contracture (lower limb reconstruction the disease). In the midst of these causes fibroid growth of the penis often accompanies the main process symptom.

In some cases, the recurrence of peyronie's disease correlation with the irregularity of the level of "wakefulness hormone serotonin.

Stage of peyronie's disease in men

Once arose for any of these reasons, the seals and the bands under the skin are formed over the next year or two. This is called acute stage of the process, the marked increase of his symptoms. Then, the size, hardness and the number of tumors stabiliziruemost and continue until the end of the life of the patient. This stage is called chronic. A new injury in the acute period becomes increasing the symptoms.

Diagnosis: signs and symptoms

Subjective symptoms of peyronie are painless, movable stamps under the intact skin. The erection is difficult because of the pressure, tightening and pain in the places of their occurrence. Apparently, it looks like it changes the shape of the penis in any direction, depending on the location of the defect.

Diagnosis men with the help of cavernosography, as well as the detection of pathological formations in the cavernous bodies, urology, hope has not been justified. Now, the main methods of detection of plaques and evaluation to develop further tactics of treatment are:

As the main symptom of urologists consider the state of the penis when excited. About how, in practice, it looks like the peyronie's disease, photos men, then, as an example shows that the curvature can be observed in the direction upward (more often). The body also can be directed to the left, right and even down. Less likely to go to the alteration of the form in the form of the form, the "hourglass", "bottlenecks", etc.


Fibrous growths under the skin has to be able to distinguish cancer, since it occurs much more frequently. For the differential diagnosis of send the doctor a photo is not enough mandatory personal appearance at the reception.


Individuals diagnosed with hereditary peyronie's disease, treatment is often not necessary. In your case, changes in the form of a small and obscure sex feeling of weakness. Expansion of nature traumatic, on the other hand, tend to progress.


The main difficulty with the treatment of this deviation lies in the poorly understood causes. There are difficulties additional in the form of threats of a relapse or increase of symptoms of the disease after treatment.

This is possible with the surgical removal of tumors, local injections, which stop the synthesis of collagen or sepsis remedies.


Drug therapy only in men is used in the acute phase. The reason is that she rarely gives significant results when the process has become chronic. Optimal here there are drugs that do not require the introduction of a prick (at least at the local level).

The treatment is carried out:

  • complex with vitamins A and E to normalize the updates and growth of the connective tissues of the body;
  • amino benzoate potassium and colchicine is to contribute to the destruction of the "extra" tissue. First ordered to drink 12 g per day, for any number of techniques. The second applies only in combination with vitamin E, 2 mg per day;
  • An antagonist of estrogens, commonly used to combat tumors with hormonal failure (including the men). To cure the peyronie's disease, they prescribed 20 mg every 12 h, for 3 months.

Two times in 24 hours you can drink and amino acids stimulating the metabolism of the sugar effect. Suffer from autoimmune "version" of men also prescribe corticosteroids, local injections of hydrocortisone or ointment with it. With a weak immune system disease can be caused by the chronic sepsis. It seems to be more appropriate after a local injection of interferon – antiviral proteins.


In our house can, and should, carry out some to facilitate, the patient's condition and improving the circulation procedures:

  • massage is not prohibited, if it is erotic and "go well" in a healthy sex;
  • apply ointments – in particular, heparin. Heparin is a direct anticoagulant. If the peyronie's disease in men, it is advisable to include in therapy when you tighten the cords/plates of large tree trunks, filling the member of blood;
  • steaming is also unable to rid himself of the defect, but improves the blood flow in the body and contributes to normal erections. Soar genitals preferred sitting in the bathtub. More than 20 minutes is not usually necessary.

Course of inpatient procedures more often in the treatment of peyronie's disease to perform extracorporeal shock wave therapy and electrophoresis. Standard scope UHT – crushing of stones in the kidney. However, once it was accidentally marked your positive impact on the texture of calcifications on a member in men. Electrophoresis is normally done with lydasum, but uses another breaks down the connective fibres the enzyme chymotrypsin.


The essence consists in the surgical removal of the foreign formations with the subsequent establishment of the prosthesis in remote parts of the fragment the body's own tissues. The main advantage of the operation – one hundred percent guarantee of the restoration of the shape of the body and the erection. But the drawbacks are:

  • a high probability of relapse, taking into account their wounds;
  • the most common size of the reduction due to the scarring.

On the other hand, some "less" in the inches of the length of the body to compensate for the implants.


Folk remedies

The healers have no money, can seriously affect the course or symptoms of the pathology and treatment of peyronie's disease at home can only work. If in the initial phase have a chance to do without surgery, a fascination with disguise the symptoms techniques make surgery inevitable.

Conventionally, the only alternative method of dealing with it is hirudotherapy – the use of leeches or ointment/cream with the extract. Its saliva contains an anticoagulant hirudin.

"Experts" also say that the peyronie's disease the man can help regulate the use of the garlic in a state of shock (more than 5 Zubkov per day) doses. But in cases in which the patient has to heal themselves of tumors is not fixed, although the use of this species really help with many of urology and digestive disorders.

Other approaches

Pseudo-methods for the treatment of peyronie disease threat even more hope for the "resorption" of the subcutaneous fibrous nodules under the action of the herbs or massage. Similar to the "miraculous" effect of garlic so that the sounds and the myth of the origin and progress of the curvature is much affected by the consumption of alcohol, including low alcohol drinks and beer.

Alcoholism gives rise to massive disorders of the blood and the heart, the liver, the central nervous system, blood vessels. However, moderate consumption of alcohol is associated with the peyronie's disease is only one aspect – the increased risk of injury in a "drunk" sex. The rest of the ethanol even help to restore the fullness of the cavernous bodies and serves as a light analgesic with bad feelings.

Some patients also believe that to redress those affected by the curvature of the organ that assists extender – a simple placebo device sold in many versions in the Internet. It is equally traumatic and inefficient for any use with the aim of increasing healthy penis, or to "straighten out" those affected by the peyronie's disease. In the first case, you may cause tears to form body tissue, in the second the use of the extender especially contraindicated.

Another myth about the topic able to cure peyronie's disease for the own drugs series of TEA (trigger-stimulator Dorogova). The majority of "healers" suggest ASD fraction 3. This veterinary preparation on the basis of the bone ash. The use of DEA within the people end up with erosions of the stomach and the duodenum. On the skin it has the same local irritating action.

Peyronie's disease: complications, the negative effects

Development of the structures and their dangerous plates of solidification and the secondary impotence due to complications. The most common among them:

  • the sustainable development of pain and the disappearance of the desire for proximity;
  • compression of the vessels that supply blood to the corpus cavernosum and, consequently, decrease/loss of erection.

How pathology affects the sex?

In the acute phase of peyronie disease, changes in the shape of the body may not cause serious interference have sexual intercourse. As its chronic, the symptoms stabiliziruemost, but the intimate life of men is complicated or impossible if the tumor overlaps with part of the vessels supplying the cavernous body with blood.

As of peyronie's disease include girls and women?

The attitude can be found in a couple's sexual pathology is an individual matter. But, in General, women perceive the deviation of the shape and size of the male penis is not as painful as their owners. In the presence of strong feelings you are able to put up with the inevitable consequences of the disease.

How to behave to his wife?

With the development of the husband of the peyronie's disease, and the wife should refrain from notes and statements, is able to increase the serious mental state of the patient. Be sure to dissuade him from the idea of the peyronie's disease at home, the people, to convince to address to the urologist. It should be remembered that the operation is currently the only effective (although not without consequences) way to get rid of new formations.