The traditional methods of treatment of prostatitis and BPH

Problems with potency very much impair the quality of life of any man, because we know that, if development of man begins to feel inadequate. The power can decrease for several reasons, but the most common among them are diseases of the urinary-genital system, for which adenoma and prostatitis. These diseases are treated in many ways, but especially notable folk remedy for prostatitis and BPH, since in some cases, are not less effective than the drug therapy.

Important! Folk remedies can be part of the primary treatment or be used as an effective means of prevention of prostatitis and gland of the prostate adenoma, that is to say, to abandon the use of medications, prescribed by a doctor-urologist, in your favour, because otherwise health problems can worsen.


The benefits of treatment with traditional methods

Normally, prostatitis and adenoma need treatment in the long-term, and fundamental to this question is given medical drugs. The therapy depends on the severity of the disease, and we must say at once that to treat these diseases folk remedies well in relation to the treatment with traditional and fit life style.

The traditional methods of therapy have a number of advantages, such as:

  • almost never give side effects and is suitable for all patients;
  • they have a high degree of portability methods;
  • strengthen the immune system, which is useful for, literally, all over the world;
  • can be combined with any medication;
  • allows you to get rid of related diseases.

To expect that the immediate effect is not necessary, because the popular treatment for BPH in men are slow. However, one must hasten to say that the treatment of the inflammation of the gland of the prostate and adenomas involves the combination of different methods. Need to lead a healthy lifestyle with the normalization of supply, as well as perform some physical exercises to improve the blood supply to the gland of the prostate. In addition to the traditional recipes, there are effective baths and infusions of medicinal herbs, as well as a very large influence on the course of the disease can provide a high quality herbal medicine, that is not hard to do at home.

The most popular recipes of folk medicine

In general, the treatment of prostatitis and BPH say recipes that can be applied to the interior. Its efficacy is high, but the effect is not prominent at the same time, because they work a little different than pills. However, not only are effective in the treatment, and are excellent in the prevention of diseases and strengthen the body as a whole, so that must be the object of a special attention.

Herb Wintergreen
  1. Honey and celandine. The recipe is to cook with broth, honey and celandine, and normally the solution is applied after the acute phase of the disease (i.e., prostatitis) took place. We need to have a 100 grams of grass dry celandine and pour 700 ml of Boiling water. Then you need to cook the ingredients for 15 minutes, then the broth is cooled and filtered. Then, you will need to add half a kilo of honey, natural and store in the cold. To make decoction of it is recommended before eating a tablespoon. A very important part of the rule is that the broth cannot be taken in relation to the consumption of alcohol, and in parallel it is recommended to take decoction of oats, which have in the amount of a glass three times a day.
  2. The drug of pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds should be crushed and dried, and then sieved to a fine powder and take two tablespoons before meals three times a day. With the aim of obtaining a more pronounced effect you can take the drug with warm water and honey, and discuss effective folk remedies for adenoma of the prostate should be paid exactly this recipe special attention, because the comments on there are positive.
  3. New as the medicine. It is necessary to take 1 kg of dried fruit and the same amount of sunflower seeds. From grind, mix with honey and consume on an empty stomach once a day.
  4. Aspen bark. Aspen bark is crushed and pour boiling water (the water must be five times more than the main ingredient), and leave for a few hours. Then the broth strain and take half a Cup three times a day. Aspen bark is rich in substances that have a positive impact on the state of the blood vessels, anti-inflammatory and effect.
  5. Fennel and leaves of birch. You should take a tablespoon of fennel seed and pour a Cup of boiling water, and then the mixture can be drunk in pure form (this should be done once a day on an empty stomach in the morning) or in combination with the collection of the leaves of the beech, hazel and horsetail (the herb mix in equal quantities, and then 4 tablespoons of the collection is dipped in a liter of water and boil for about 5 minutes, steep them for an hour).
  6. Grass Wintergreen. When considering how to treat BPH folk remedies, you can't ignore this plant. Wintergreen mix in equal parts with banana, bearberry, and juniper berries and herbs motherwort and celandine, and then two tablespoons of this collection pour boiling water 300 ml. Gently, without boiling, the mixture should be heated (by water bath) and leave for hours. The herb has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and is used in the field of training in the treatment of cancer.

In general, I have to say that from all of the above information it is easy to conclude the effectiveness of this can be the treatment of BPH folk remedies – herbs can get a remission in a stable prostatitis chronic and even stop the growth of the tumor in the adenoma, the most important is his right to choose.


What happens with the recipes of traditional medicine thing that you should know?

Frankly, to discuss how to reduce BPH folk remedies, can be long enough, because during the existence of mankind traditional medicine has accumulated a large number of recipes. The most popular of these have been described above, but you can also use the drugs that are described below:

  • tincture of Kalanchoe, which is made from cups of chopped leaves full 0,500 grams of vodka (to infuse the needs of 5 days, and it is recommended to eat a teaspoon once a day);
  • you can also prepare a twenty percent alcohol solution of propolis and have been taking 40 drops in a month and a half;
  • the juice of the asparagus – it seems that the medication is not "desirable", but it is believed that if the daily drinking 1-2 glasses, which can be quite successful to get rid of the signs of inflammation of the prostate and prostatitis (can be successfully mixed with the juices of other vegetables);
  • also must say, that instead of water you can drink the decoction of the sliced root of parsley (especially if prostatitis folk remedy with parsley is considered a leader in the production of the results obtained), it is recommended to boil for 20 minutes (for a Cup of roots that need to take 2 litres of boiling water);
  • in addition, the folk remedy of BPH in men involve the use of decoction of garlic and liquor (after all, garlic is considered as the remedy for all diseases) – for the preparation of medicines you need to take 5 cloves garlic, pour in a day 0.5 liters of boiling water, then strain and take 50 grams before meals each day.

Above presents only a small part of the recipes of traditional medicine, and the majority of the proposed recipes if you take to not only relieve the symptoms of prostatitis, but also enhance the overall health – normalizes blood pressure, put in order the nervous system and improve the immune status.

Method of treatment of pine rosin, honey and butter

Discuss the treatment of BPH the most effective folk remedies worth a separate attention in this recipe, which, by the way, is relatively new and has not yet received wide application. The therapy consists of two stages – 15 days and is carried out through the application of the Velcro applied on the area of the gland of the prostate.

The course of treatment – 30 days, you will have to say about that ointment for applications to prepare for 15 days, and after its consumption you must immediately prepare a new batch and continue the treatment.

Recipe ointment – you need to take 100 grams of pine rosin 50 grams of beeswax and 50 grams of vegetable oil. Then, place all the ingredients in an enamel or cast iron, kitchenware, refrigerator, heat, stirring constantly, until smooth (but not boiling), then remove from the heat and allow to cool to 45 C.

After the firing, it is necessary to have 0.2 part of an ointment and quickly apply it on a linen fabric size 10x15 cm (the layer of ointment should be 1-2 cm thick) and thus prepared the applique Velcro to put on the pubic area (which you should pre-shave). Suitable for wear (without removing) for 3 days and then remove. The remaining mass is again to heat (without boiling) and the following method to make a new application, which is also be of 3 days. This procedure should be repeated every 3 days until the ointment is not going to do.

Then begins the second phase of treatment of the adenoma, which is completely identical to the one described above, in the ointment you need to prepare again. It is believed that this folk remedy is very effective, as it inhibits the growth of the tumor resolves, allows the patient to do without surgery to remove the adenoma.


The treatment with bee products

In discussing the question of how to treat BPH folk remedies, need special attention in the treatment of this disease with products of the bees. To speak of the extent of their biological activity can be indefinitely long, and medicines on its basis it is possible to prepare quite a lot, but above all more efficient recipes and tools that will be described below.

  • The use of the extract moth. The extract of the larvae of the moth promotes the significant decrease of the prostate, normalization of its secretion and the restoration of the normal flow of urine. In most cases, it allows to obtain the resorption adenoma, eliminates the surgical intervention and restores the patency of the urinary tract and prevent the degeneration evil of the adenoma. Should only be used for the extraction of wax moth (which can be bought from bee-keepers) 15 – 20 drops (half a teaspoon) in 30-40 ml. of water 30 min. before meals 2 times a day.
  • Medicines based on propolis. Good reviews in the treatment of BPH folk remedies possible to meet during the therapy with propolis. You need to take the usual dyeing on alcohol bee glue (30 drops), mixed with 100 ml of warm milk or water and consume three times per day for 15-20 minutes before eating. To be more effective the tincture made from the propolis when prostatitis can be combined with a substance pure, 5 grams of solid propolis can be consumed four times a day. It can also be an effective tincture of propolis, which is used in conjunction with baths of medicinal herbs. Herbal baths are available in 20 minutes after that for at least an hour to lie in bed, and to do this type of medical procedures required for 20 days.


Do not rely solely on folk remedies treatment of prostatitis and BPH in the form of herbal medicine or therapeutic tubs, because the most common cause of the disease in men is a sedentary lifestyle and the lack of mobility. This factor leads to poor blood supply of the prostate and, therefore, causes inflammation.

There are several exercises that are very easy to make at home and that can perfectly be used in parallel with the main treatment, and although this tool is considered popular and traditional medicine refers to the great exercises of this type. The most simple and effective exercises for the treatment and prevention of adenoma of prostate in men folk remedies are presented below.

  • Squats. You should know that if a man every day squats about a hundred times, that the prostatitis does not threaten it, because they restore perfectly normal blood flow in the gland. The exception to this is bacterial prostatitis that is being treated exclusively with antibiotics and simple squats will not help here. Performing 100 sit-UPS (can not be every day, but a couple of times a week), you can treat the inflammation and BPH and prevent its development.
  • The belly of the breath. You need to take a deep breath with the belly, hold the breath for ten seconds and then exhale, as well as with the help of the abdomen.
  • The movement of using the buttocks. For this exercise you have to sit on the floor and make movements breeched. It is desirable to walk back and forth a couple of times, which will significantly improve the circulation of the blood in the organs pelvic.
  • Walk. Effective if during the working day mostly sitting, but walking is necessary to do it every night and she has to be at least three miles.
  • A pair of scissors. A well-known exercise that is performed lying on the back, but it should be at least a hundred times in a day.

A set of gymnastics exercises help to cope not only with prostate diseases, can also be used to avoid problems with the gland of the prostate. And it is the best Complement to a fitness and healthy lifestyle and diets.