Phimosis in men (narrowing of the foreskin): pictures, symptoms, causes

In men, the genitals – is a different topic. Sensitive not only to the size of the "dignity", but also of the opportunities it offers. The authority necessary to meet the genetic needs of reproduction and satisfaction, but also to maintain the nervous system and hormonal system. Anatomically perfect design excretes in the urine and the sperm produces testosterone, helps to relieve the tension accumulated. To break perfect functions can only be pathology.

phimosis in men

Today we will talk about pathology, which can be obtained from the birth and throughout life. Phimosis in men is a narrowing of the foreskin, with its liberation during erection or urination is difficult. Pain, itching, inflammation of the main unpleasant symptoms. Find and bring the army with the disease, and to what doctor to address with the problem. We consider the stages and types of disease and what to do with the consequences.

Classification: relative phimosis and pathological

Connective tissue in the penis acquires elasticity over time. Therefore, the 95 percent of the babies there is a congenital phimosis. The reasons for the conflict do not, and parents need to make sure that the opening of the head has occurred naturally. This usually happens in 5 years, but sometimes (private) the disclosure will only happen in puberty boy (12-13 years). Therefore, urologists, there are two options (before and after):

  • Physiological phimosis (congenital) – is observed in children and adolescents;
  • Acquired pathological phimosis – pathology that appears for certain reasons, in adult men.

Relative phimosis is characterized by the following feature: in a relaxed condition of the member, the head can release, and it does not cause discomfort. However, during the erection of the release of any door pain. The babies have relative phimosis – is a permanent phenomenon due to genetic predisposition to the adhesion of the foreskin. Parents should follow the child to respond to the disease:

  • First, it is not necessary to itself to stretch the skin on the penis up to two years of age;
  • In the second place, they must follow the process of urination (difficult is a baby or not, there is a pain or curvature of the jet);
  • In the third place, to know a child's complaints of itching and burning in the groin;
  • Fourth, to warn the teen about the source of the contamination and explained that any discomfort during spontaneous arousal is the beginning of the disease, of which he must immediately inform the.

Physiological phimosis rarely leads to swelling. The child still has not produced the sperm and there is no discharge from the urethra except urine. Under the fold of the foreskin does not accumulate bacteria and microorganisms, but the correct hygiene of the intimate area is a priority and children and parents. In childhood, physiological phimosis may increase sinehii. This is a pic where the head and the foreskin are fused. Up to the age of three peaks must disperse, otherwise, you will need to contact with the surgeon.

types of phimosis

Pathological phimosis is an acquired disease that is diagnosed in 5% of the male population. The Adults have their own classifications, which is determined by the stage and type of disease.

It seems phimosis

The older men diagnosed as not physiological phimosis and acquired pathological. The cause of the disease consider later, but, for now, will update the type of phimosis in adults.

  1. In the first place, it is cicatricial phimosis – the foreskin and the cause of the cracks and gaps that are formed in the healing of scars (such as sutures after surgery). This addition alters the elasticity of the skin of the head and of the flesh that frame them. Sex in the cicatricial form of the disease causes discomfort, sometimes accompanied by severe pain. In the background of a failed sexual relationships can be psychological trauma. The hole for the discharge of urine small, since the scars can form. Alters the function of the selection;
  2. Second, the hypertrophic phimosis. Its appearance, this variant of the disease can even scare the person who has not been faced before with the problem. This leads to the excess weight of the men, when in the inguinal region are formed by excess fat cells. In the background of the excess fat, the foreskin is growing beyond measure and covered the head of his cock. The size of the skin growth affect its shape. Bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms reproduce well in a warm environment and high humidity due to transpiration. This phimosis leads to the concomitant of the system diseases urogenital in a very short period of time.

Urologists argue that the signs of phimosis is very distinctive. The monitoring of the disease in adulthood is easy, if:

stages of phimosis
  • Often there are inflammatory processes in the penis and within the system;
  • Painful to urinate, and the area of the scrotum itches, itches and reddens;
  • Visible scars on the trunk, and in the prepuce of a member;
  • It appear purulent discharge from the urethra;
  • There is a bad smell from the penis, which quickly resumed after hygiene procedures;
  • With the time the meat fused with the head more and more.